WoBio Intro Meeting

Poster WoBio Intro Meeting April 27th 2024

Our regular Introduction Meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about WoBio’s activities or how to get involved. We will give you insights into:

  • Who Women in Biology are
  • WoBio's current projects
  • Activities planned for 2024
  • How you can join us
  • ....

Furthermore, our Intro Meetings are a space to get together with other female scientists (and other marginalised genders) from our faculty, exchange experiences, and discuss ideas.

If you are interested in WoBio, please get in touch with Thea and Linda or stop by at one of our monthly Introduction Meetings.

Next Introduction Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, March 27th 2024, 11:00 - 12:00 pm
  • Venue: University Biology Building, Seminar Room 5.1
  • Target group: All career stages / positions are welcome.
  • Feel free to bring your lunch!

 Future events:

WoBio Welcome Day: 06.06.2024, 3 pm