WoBio structure

We are a horizontal organisation, in which every single person has equal rights to participate.

In the 2022 workshop, we decided a new organisation for a better efficiency in decision-making.

Everyone is welcome to join existing workgroups and to propose new workgroups!

At the center of the WoBio Organisation Chart, a green oval represents the three board members, associated to a gold oval representing the treasurer (top right). Two mint-colored bubbles, for permanent workgroup, communicate with the central circle: Social Media / Communication (top left) and

WoBio organisation chart. Besides a core of three board members and a treasurer, we have two permanent workgroups (Media & Communication, Female Role Model Seminar). Depending of the availability of WoBio members, other permanent workgroups (Family room...) or temporary workgroups (International Women's Day...) can be created. © Kathrin Runggatscher

Core team

Board: Monika Bright, Lisa Horn, Verena Ibl

Treasurer: Monika Bright



Media & Communication: Nicole Grunstra, Anne Le Maître, Cliodhna Quigley

Female Role Model Seminar: Linda Kloss, Jasmine Loveland, Magdalena Miklaszewska, Elmira Mohandesan

Family Room: Katherina Douka, Ingeborg Lang

Lecture Circle: Virginie Canoine

Statistics: Verena Ibl, Katya Stansfield

Sexual harassment: Monika Bright, Virginie Canoine, Nicole Grunstra, Oi Pui Hoang, Anne Le Maître, Thea Rogers, Constanze Schattke, Petra Sumasgutner, Elisabeth Zieger