Regular meetings

We meet regularly during semester. We have two kinds of meetings:

Topical meetings are aimed at discussing a specific topic or problem and take executive decisions. Any WoBio members can suggest a topical meeting by sending an email to the WoBio list.

Synchronization meetings are aimed at updating all WoBio members about the progress and activities of the different workgroups, and discussing budget. They are organized 4-5 times per year by the board.

In 2024, synchronization meetings are planned on:

  • Friday, February 2nd at 12:00
  • Thursday, February 15th at 11:00
  • Friday, May 24th at 12:00
  • Friday, September 27th at 9:00
  • Friday, December 6th at 12:00

Photograph of a meeting of the wobio group, showing a discussion group of 14 women scientists