Bi-monthly meetings of employed female scientists (postdocs to professors).

If you are interested to join please feel free to drop by to our meetings announced beneath.

WoBio group picture via zoom, 2021

Upcoming meetings

Our next meeting will take place on the 7th of May 2021, 12:30 via Zoom.

Past Network Meetings with Guests

June 7, 2019

On the gender balance of PI's in FWF applications and granted projects.

Guest: Sabine Haubenwallner (FWF)


March 19, 2019

Strategies and gender competence at the Technical University of Vienna

Guests: Brigitte Ratzer (Office for Gender Competence, TU) and Sylvia Bukowska (Gender and Equality Office, Univeristy of Vienna)


January 12, 2018

Gender ratio at the Faculty in higher positions; "Kettenvertragsregel"

Guest: Karl Reiter (Head of works council of the scientific staff / Vorsitzender des Betriebsrates für das wissenschaftliche Universitätspersonal)


March 24, 2017

Comparisons between women at the Faculty of Life Sciences and Max F. Perutz Laboratories

Guest: Renée Schröder (Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, MFPL)


January 20, 2017

Dropout of female scientists

Guest: Elisabeth Oberzaucher (Professor for diversity, adaptability and equality, University Ulm; tenured lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna)


March 18, 2016

Why is our employment situation so much worse than the average female employments at the university?

Guests: Irene Rottensteiner (Head of Human Resources and Gender Equality)

Sylwia Bukowska (Head of Gender Equality, Human Resources and Gender Equality)