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Gender equality & diversity office University of Vienna

Sexual Harassment & Mobbing Counselling Office


Human Resources Development Seminars

Human Resources Development Seminars for employees of University of Vienna

Note that even a small teaching contract qualifies you to take part in these for free!


WoChem - Women in Chemistry


FWF, der Wissenschaftsfonds, Gender Issues

euraxess, Woman and Science


Unesco, for Women in Science

Association for Women in Science

Royal Society of Biology, Women in Biology

European Commission, Research & Innovation, Gender Equality

500 Women Scientists 




Advice Paper
League of European Research Universities (2018). Implicit bias in academia: A challenge to the meritocratic principle and to women's careers - And what to do about it

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics):

Gender inequality in the sciences: Why is it still with us, and what can be done. A Nature Blog

Article in Science: Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children's interests
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Article in PLOS One: Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms
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Recent Publications

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Neuböck-Hubinger B, Grubner K, Frigerio D, Hirschenhauser K. Natural science education – a claim for equality, diversity and inclusion in Citizen Science activities. In Proceedings of Science Vol. 393. Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2020 (ACSC2020). 2021

Westreicher F, Cieslinski M, Ernst M, Frigerio D, Heinisch B, Hübner T et al. Recognizing failures in citizen science projects: Lessons learned. In Proceedings of Science Volume 393. Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2020 (ACSC2020). 2021

Rittenschober J, Pühringer-Sturmayr V, Frigerio D. The relevance of a digital platform for the citizen science project NestCams. In Proceedings of Science Volume 393 - Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2020 (ACSC2020). 2021

Costanzo A, Ambrosini R, Parolini M, Caprioli M, Secomandi S, Rubolini D et al. Telomere shortening is associated with corticosterone stress response in adult barn swallows. Current Zoology. 2021 Mar 9.

Showing entries 1 - 15 out of 455