Female Role Model Seminar


Dr. nat. techn. Katarzyna Retzer

6th March 2020, 12:30

Seminar Room Marine Biology in UZA 1


Dr. nat. techn. Katarzyna Retzer

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Laboratory of Hormonal Regulations in Plants Institute of Experimental Botany CAS in Prague, CZ (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Katarzyna_Retzer)

Katarzyna is studying within the scope of her standalone grant, comparable to a Hertha-Firnberg fellowship, the dynamics of plasma membrane located phytohormone transporters, which allow plant root adaptation to environmental changes. She is highly interested in the changes of protein-protein interactions upon external stimuli, leading to posttranslational modifications of the transporter proteins, which results in changes in intracellular localization and abundance. Therefore she is combining methods of membrane protein biochemistry and cell biology, with a major focus how to improve plant growth conditions in the lab to keep the plants accessible for molecular biology and microscopy (https://droot.info/).